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Homes Designed & Built By Michael Drotman

401 Monterey
Hermosa Beach
(3 Homes - Built In 1986)

651 & 653 4th St
Hermosa Beach
(2 Homes - Built In 1984)

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Obtaining the loan to purchase your home or land is a key element of your real estate transaction. Getting Pre-Qualified or Pre-Approved for your loan, can sometimes make the difference between getting the home/land that you want, or losing it to another buyer. In multiple offer situations, sellers generally sell their property to buyers submitting pre-qualification letters with their purchase contracts. Mike can refer qualified, professional loan officers that will work to provide a loan that is best suited to your circumstances. They will discuss different loan options available to you, and patiently answer any questions or concerns that you may have. All loan officers referred by Mike are fully licensed and experienced, with many loan sources and programs from which to choose. Feel free to fill in the Loan Pre-Qualification Form below to start the process, or call Mike directly with any questions.

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