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Homes Designed & Built By Michael Drotman

401 Monterey
Hermosa Beach
(3 Homes - Built In 1986)

651 & 653 4th St
Hermosa Beach
(2 Homes - Built In 1984)

These Are The Good Old Days!

There are exceptional values available now on Homes and Investment Properties at the beach, the Palos Verdes peninsula and the surrounding areas.  Avoid competing with multiple offers and having to offer more than the asking price to purchase these homes. Combine the great values available today, with the low monthly payments provided by extremely low interest rates, and it's clear . . . The Time To Buy Is Now!

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It's possible you may have heard or read, "prices are going to be lower next year."  Mike suggests the following:

A.    Simple Supply & Demand - No one knows what's going to happen with prices, or when, especially with beach property - a unique market. Demand is generally high (many people want to live at the beach), and supply is low (there are few beach properties and only a few available for sale at any given time). 

B.    OK, Let's Say Prices Do Go Down - How long do you plan to live in the home you buy now?  3 years, 5 years, 10 years or longer?  Unless you plan to sell the home that you buy now, next year, whether prices go up or down in the next year is irrelevant.  Do you think prices for beach homes will go up or down during the time you plan to own the home?  History would suggest that prices of homes in our area will continue to increase over time.

C.    What If Prices Go Down, But Interest Rates Go Up? - Even if the homes are priced lower, your monthly payment may be higher for the same home, or property in the same price range.

D.    If You Have A Home To Sell Before Buying, Everything Is Relative - Yes, it's possible the price of the home you want to purchase may be less next year, but if it is, the value of the home you are selling, will be lower also.

A Few Reasons To Allow Mike To Represent You, And Anyone You Know,
In All Your Future Real Estate Transactions:

1.    Real Estate Experience
  • Over 30 years experience successfully negotiating real estate contracts, repairs and other related issues.
  • Buyer, Seller & Investment Property owner of Southern California real estate since 1979.
  • Owner/Builder of 5 custom townhouses in Hermosa Beach, CA in 1980's.
  • Top producing Realtor for many years, with over $13 million in annual sales volume.
  • Mike has sold over $50 million of real estate.
  • Mike has developed systems to determine the best home and investment property values on the market at any given time.  He teaches his systems to you.
  • Mike listens attentively to the needs that are a priority to YOU.  Don't waste your time & gas - no need to look all over town at open houses and homes that aren't what you're looking for.  Mike only shows you properties that meet your needs - in your price range.

2.    Local Expertise

  • Mike originally moved to the South Bay in 1977 and has experienced it's tremendous growth.
  • He utilizes his extensive knowledge of the beach cities, the Palos Verdes peninsula and the surrounding areas, to find you the best home values, in the areas with the best chance for appreciation of your equity, in the areas that best meet your needs.

3.    Cutting Edge Technology

  • Instant notification of new listings that meet your requirements.  Mike can monitor these for you, set you up on a system to receive them automatically, or allow you to search for yourself - - your choice.
  • "Pocket Listings" - Mike has numerous sources that allow him to become aware of listings before they are listed on the MLS.  He immediately makes you aware of these properties when they match your needs.
  • Exclusive Software - Mike utilizes software that shows trends for the last 14 months in the specific area of the home you are purchasing. These are used to justify a favorable negotiating position for you in your purchase, and to help motivate the seller to accept your offer.

4.    Mike's Team Of Responsive Professionals

  • Whether you are a first time buyer or sophisticated investor, buying a personal residence or investment property, Mike and his team will patiently answer all your questions and assure the smooth handling, and timely closing, of your escrow, with minimal inconvenience to you.
  • Provide ongoing support after your escrow has closed.
  • Provide FREE updated Market Analysis on your home or investment property, at any time.
  • Refer a wide range of service providers to assist you - - during escrow and as needed in the future.
* Transaction Coordinator - coordinates all paperwork to assure timely closing of your escrow.
Loan Officers - Pre-qualify and Pre-approve you to: 
    A. Provide the strongest negotiating position when purchasing the property;  and
    B. Assist in obtaining the best possible loan for your needs and circumstances and future refinancing, if needed.
Home Inspectors - during escrow, inspect the systems in your home to remove any surprises from home ownership.
Pest Control Companies - for termite inspections and clearances during escrow.
Handyman - affordable home repairs for escrow issues, and future repairs, if needed.

Simply Fill Out The Form At "Find My Dream Home" In The Margin To The Left,
Or Call Mike Today To Tour Properties That Meet Your Specific Needs.