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Homes Designed & Built By Michael Drotman

401 Monterey
Hermosa Beach
(3 Homes - Built In 1986)

651 & 653 4th St
Hermosa Beach
(2 Homes - Built In 1984)

Finding Your Investment Property
In order for Mike to find the property best suited to your specific needs and goals, please fill out the following form. It only takes a few minutes to complete.
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Part I: Your Goals
What Are Your Specific Reasons For Investing In Real Estate?
What Are Your Specific Goals For The Property As An Investment? (secure retirement with steady cash flow, build college fund, acquire 10 properties in your portfolio, etc.)
Part II: Your Investor Type
1. Have you purchased residential property before?
Yes No
2. How many times have you purchased residential property?
Never 1 Time 2 Time 3 Time More Than 3 Times
3. Do you own a vacation home?
Yes No
4. Have you ever rented out your primary residence?
Yes No
5. Have you ever purchased a residential property as an investment?
Yes No
6. How many residential investment purchases have you made?
None 1 2 3 More than 3
7. How many residential investment properties do you currently own?
None 1 2 3 More than 3
8. How often do you purchase residential investment properties?
Not Yet More than 1 per year 1 per year 1 every 3 years 1 every 7 years or more
9. Have you ever bought property needing significant repairs or improvements?
Yes No
Part III: Your DNA (Desire Need Ability)
Desire: Try for high returns & high turnover; or buy-and-hold strategy.
10. Where would you like to buy?
11. What is your strategy for the property as an investment (select all that apply)
Cash Flow Rehab & Resell Appreciation (equity) Retirement Build Equity To Releverage Other (explain)
12. What type of property do you intend to purchase?
Condo Single Family Detached Duplex Triplex Fourplex
13. How long do you plan to hold the property?
Less than 6 months 6 months to 3 years 3-10 years 10+ years
14. What are your short-term investment goals?
Immediate cash flow Eventual cash flow Equity/Appreciation Reselling for profit
15. What are your long-term investment goals?
Cash flow Equity/Appreciation Retirement Asset
Re-leveraging or multiple properties
Need: newer with less maintenance; cash flow – more money down; etc.
16. How much cash flow do you need to see in the first year?
Not a consideration Less than $1,000 Less than $3,000 $3,000 or more
17. What is your required Return On Investment (ROI) in the first year?
1-5% 5-10% 10-20% 20% or more
18. Do you have a specific timetable for closing on or reselling a property?
Closing: 30-90 days 90-180 days 180 days-1 year from today 1-2 years from today No
Resale: 30 days from closing 1-6 months 6 months-1 year 1-3 years
3-10 years 10+ years
Ability: investor experience.
19. Are you comfortable buying properties needing maintenance and repairs?
No Yes (under $1,000) Yes (under $5,000) Yes
20. How much do you plan to put down on your investment purchase?
20% (if possible) 25% 30% 35% 40% 50% 60+% All Cash
21. Purchase Price Amount?
Under $500,000 $500,000-1 Million $1-3 Million $3-5 Million Other Amount
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